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Hardwood Floor Restoration in Charleston, SC

What’s Involved in Hardwood Floor Restoration?

Hardwood flooring is designed to withstand rough treatment but after years of use it loses its sheen. The flooring that used to enhance the appearance of your home interior becomes an eyesore. It is no longer in decent shape and even its structural integrity may be in doubt. It is time to go for hardwood flooring Services Charleston SC repair and restoration. Home Team Flooring provides professional restoration service that helps bring back the flooring’s original smoothness, color, wood grain pattern, finish and shine. Once the flooring is restored to its original condition, the entire room starts looking beautiful again.

Patch Up

The process of repair and restoration of hardwood flooring starts with proper evaluation of the floor. The experienced hardwood flooring expert at Home Team Flooring checks and determines what type of restoration processes is needed. Harwood pieces that are completely damaged and cannot be repaired are replaced. Slightly damaged pieces of hardwood flooring are patched and filled. Our trained technicians use special techniques and materials to completely fill every scratch, hole and ding. If required, the top surface layers of old stain and finish are completely removed. It results in a completely clean surface on which new stain and finish can be applied easily.


Sanding is an important process in the restoration of hardwood flooring. Floor sanding is done with the help of different values of sanding grits. It generally starts with 36 grit sandpaper and ends with 80 grit sandpaper. In the last sequence, 100 grit screen is used. This process requires a high degree of skill and experience. The Home Team Flooring  experts with knowledge of floor sanding tools and materials can do this job properly. After the sanding process is over, stripping and buffing processes are done. Flooring restoration workers use dust free techniques. Proper barrier systems are put in place to control the dust as much as possible. Sanding is done with the help of a vacuum machine to keep the area dust free during the sanding process.


After completing the sanding procedure, it is important to apply the hardwood finish and protective sealant on the same day. There are various finish options including:


The sanding, refinishing, and stain works to help bring out the beauty of the wood grain. Replacing old hardwood flooring can be expensive. Simple and inexpensive floor refinishing will give your home a new look and helps increase its value.

At Home Team Flooring, we are dedicated to helping you make the right choice when it comes to hardwood flooring repair and re-finishing in Charleston, SC. If you are looking for qualified and skilled flooring experts—please call us to find out more about our hardwood flooring services.


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